Angelique Giddy Perez

Event:            New Seeds Festival 2012
Artist:            Angelique Giddy Perez
Genre:           Poetry/Beatbox
Lineup:          Friday March 23, 2012

Ms. Perez is the the second place winner of the The Southern Fried Regional poetry slam and current holder of the “Who Owns The Mic?” title for the annual USF The Poets slam. She is a member of MisFits Slam poetry team and Sacred Sound Slam poetry team.  Giddy is an 80’s baby, 90's kid reigning from the poetic streets of Java in the lyrical city of Brooklyn, New York!  Originating in the state of big runaway dreams, musical notes and notebook ink, it is only natural that she has been baptized in art. She has had a lasting love affair with Brooklyn and Tampa as she commuted from city to city to build her life.  She grew up free-styling in her down time, whether to pass the time, kill time with friends or just clear her mind of the thoughts running through her head.   The one thing that has remained constant through the up and downs is her art. Beat boxing is a talent that comes as naturally as breathing to her.  She never writes without a beat to provide a mood for the piece she is working on.

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