Robin Savage

Event:             New Seeds Festival 2012
Artist:             Robin Savage - Comedian
Genre:            Comedy
Lineup:           Saturday, March 24, 2012

Robin Savage’s stand-up show lets the audience see the world through her eyes.  She tackles subjects like motherhood, life in the Great Recession and the insanity of living in a politically correct world.  She will keep you laughing but leave you thinking.
From an early age, Robin always knew she wanted to be a public spectacle. In high school, she joined the Forensic and Debate Society, winning the coveted "I Tried" award five years in a row.  While in college, Robin made friends with a bunch of misfits, ruffians and hooligans whose antics eventually got them kicked out of their fraternity…no, wait, that was the movie Animal House.
Robin took several years off to pursue her love of gluttony and sloth before finding work as a corporate trainer. Eventually she found her way to the comedy stage where her irreverent stand-up routine had audiences talking. 
 “I don’t get it.” 
“Is this supposed to be funny?” 
Feeling like she had a story to tell the world, Robin took up motivational speaking.  She shares her humble beginnings as a middle class, white girl living in Missouri who eventually became a middle class, white woman living in Florida. 
She hopes her story can help others.

On a serious note, in support of National Essential Tremor Month (March 2011), Ms Savage is generously donating her honorarium from her New Seeds Festival performances to a favored charity International Essential Tremor Foundation, Inc.