Monday, March 7, 2011

New Seeds Festival Performers Visit STUDIO 10 TV 3-7-2011

Sheila Kirsten Hughes and the TSP Orchestra... performed this song today on STUDIO 10 (WTSP, Channel 10 TV).  Here is what the song means to Sheila...

Madison Street is about gang violence. Though it could easily be said it's inspired by real-life situations, it's a fictitious story told from a perspective of a mother living in the projects who loses her son to gang violence. Throughout his childhood, she encourages him to rise above his circumstances. She wants him to go to school, and then to college to get a good education so one day he'll be able to get out of the neighborhood and live a better life. At first his future is promising, but eventually the temptations become to great, and he gets sucked into a gang life. He ends up dying as a teenager in a back-alley shootout. The song also speaks of the neighborhood he grew up in and it's keep-your-mouth-shut mentality toward crimes. The boy's murder results in no arrests and goes unsolved. The police cant' help because the people are too scared to speak out.

Inside the STUDIO 10 TV studio!
Sheila Kirsten Hughes and The TSP Orchestra
Live TV - exciting
Teleprompter introduction for SKH&TSPO at 10:35am 3-7-2011
Performing " MADISON's STREET "
Suzanne Willett, Sheila Kirsten Hughes, Holley Sinn, Jerome Ritchey awaiting cue to "go live" 

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